What is a Reflective Fan? How Does It Work?

The Gay Fan Club Eclipse Fan utilizes a special bamboo glass element on the nylon of the fan to create color changes when exposed to bursts, or flashes, of light. The bamboo folding fan, which looks black to the normal eye, can change to a bright white, and then a brilliant rainbow color by utilizing your camera flash.  

Want to know how to capture a picture of the Eclipse Fan? Simply put your smart phone camera on Live Mode and turn your flash to on.  Then take pictures of the fan and watch the colors change. To share this on your social media page, open Instagram and click + Create Story.  Upload your live photo and then click the Boomerang button and the photo will show the changes in the colors of the hand fan. Click the far right 2 dots and click save! Voila.  Your eclipse fan memory is now saved as a movie!

Here is a demonstration of our Eclipse Fan:


Want to learn more about our Eclipse Fan or ready to see the eclipse on your own? Check out the Eclipse Fan HERE: Eclipse Fan at The Gay Fan Club


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