The Rising Popularity of Bamboo Hand Fans at Music Festivals and Circuit Parties

Seeing your favorite singers or bands perform on the large stages is a dream come true. Popular music festivals like Coachella, Ultra, and some other circuit parties join people of various generations, religions, political views, and sexual orientations into one like-minded friendly community. 


By reviewing the latest music events, we may trace a brand-new tendency - hand fans. In most cases, women or gay men tend to use them, but this accessory is rapidly becoming a trend for all ages and genders. Of course, its primary purpose is immediate cooling, and this is priceless, especially on a hot summer day. Still, with their increased popularity at festivals, hand fans stand for more than just a fancy cooler. 


Currently, music festival fans help people create the beat according to the song rhythms. A vivid example of this is Ultra, where people turn into one coordinated mechanism, generating their own beat to the performed songs or DJ tracks. That way, people may fully immerse themselves into the festival's atmosphere and feel the music with all the soul fibers. So, it is not surprising why hand fans are at the peak of popularity among festival attendees. We have started to see a new trend emerge: hand fans from vendors like The Gay Fan Club, specializing in these new must-have music festival accessories. However, with the size at only 2 x12 inches folded, which is ideal for your pocket, these hand fans keep you cool by opening to a 12” x 25” size when opened to cool you off. 


Let's explore what types of folding fans are the hottest and appear within music festivals and circuit parties the most:


Rainbow Fans for Pride

You can come upon such accessories mainly during the gay pride or LGBTQ parades. However, with the size 9 inches folded and 15 inches when open, rainbow fans are perfect both for chilling and beat-making at music events. In addition, due to its rainbow coloring, you will doubtless stand out from the crowd with a fabulous look. After checking out a lot of rainbow fans, our favorite is definitely the Pride Festival Fan (UV) found on

UV Reactive Fans

Ravers and music festival attendees adore UV reactive hand fans and black light hand fans such as since they may glow in the dark time and change color due to luminescent liquid print. So, by purchasing them, you won’t just make catchy pics for your Instagram but be ahead of the curve. Our current favorite, The Gay Fan Club’s Yass Fan (UV) which in addition to being made of high-quality bamboo will provide you with the loudest clacking noise. So the award for the best party animal will be in your bag.


Rave and Circuit Party Fans


Rave fans are a highly versatile type of hand fan as they may include the previous options. Since these tools are aimed at constant vivid party vibes, brightly colored prints are at your disposal. Mostly, items are of water-resistant nylon fabric, so even spilling over your drink can’t spoil your stylish look. Whipping noise while flicking enables such a fan to become an ideal beating instrument and make you the center of attention. If you want to feel cool while looking hot, a rave fan is just the thing. Our top pick: the Hot Mess Fan (UV).  

Final Words

So, with the 2024 travel season in full swing, if you are going to visit some music festival or circuit party, then a hand fan is a must-buy. EDC, Coachella, Ultra, South by Southwest, Lollapalooza, Summerfest, and others can’t already do without fan clacking. Whether you are a famous woman blogger, a gay man, or just a person obsessed with following new trends, bamboo hand fans will gift you unforgettable beating vibes together with incredible freshness. So, choose your best-fitting fan, book the festival ticket and create your lifetime moments.

Looking for a Rave Fan? Check Out The Gay Fan Club's collection of Rave folding fans



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