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Hand Fans For Pride And Parties

Stay 🪭 Cool. Show 🏳️‍🌈 Pride.
Our mission is simple: to keep Fans like you Cool with the highest-quality, well designed, and Sassiest hand fans for use at Pride, Raves, Circuit Parties, Music Festivals, and, obv, Drag Brunch. And yep, we’re 🏳️‍🌈!

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Wedding and Pride Custom Hand Fans


The Gay Fan Club designs and produces custom hand fans for Pride celebrations, LGBTQ weddings, and for events of all types. Let us help you create the perfect hand fan for your upcoming event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Gay Fan Club Answers Your Burning Questions

As one of the top three hand fan companies in the U.S., we aim to be a resource for all of your needs including questions. Take a look at our most frequently asked questions. Still have a question? Contact Us

The Gay Fan Club prides itself on expert craftsmanship and design. Our bamboo hand fans are made with the highest quality materials and should last you for years with regular use. Our designs are designed to appeal to both women and men equally, and are designs that you should be #proud to show off on Instagram stories.

The most durable and long lasting hand fans are made with eco-friendly and renewable bamboo frames and nylon. However, most important to the longevity of the hand fan, is the rivet. You want to make sure your rivet is metal and has a strong clasp. All fans at The Gay Fan Club come standard with a FREE 90 day replacement guarantee, the highest in the industry.

Yes! The Gay Fan Club designs and produces custom hand fans for LGBTQIA+ weddings, Pride celebrations, fundraisers, charities, and other special events. You can order as few as 20 custom hand fans or as many as 5,000 for your upcoming event. Learn more by clicking HERE

Yes! Absolutely. The Gay Fan Club partners with vendors across North America and offers bulk wholesale pricing to our vendor partners. To learn more about becoming a Gay Fan Retailer, click HERE

Yes! All of our bamboo hand fans and folding fans are made with a strong nylon fabric which makes that incredibly satisfying clack when snapped with your wrist.

Yes! We ship orders every week to cities and countries far and wide. Looking for a fan closer to home? You can find The Gay Fan Club in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Ecuador in our international retail partners stores. Find a Fan close to home by visiting Find A Fan