What are the best Drag Fans in 2023? The Gay Fan Club Answers Your Questions

Drag Fans!

Are you ready to step up your charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent? Then a Gay Fan Club Drag Fan is what you need! From vogue competitions, to RuPaul's Drag Race, to DragCon, to club accessories, a Drag Fan from The Gay Fan Club is your answer to say in the competition, guuurl!

It's undeniable that over the last few years hand fans have swept the nation as a cultural movement symbolizing Pride, but they also double as a super convenient way to beat the summer heat! But just because their traditional use is as a fan it doesn't mean you can't get your CLACK on with them too! Here at The Gay Fan Club we love seeing our Fans breaking the mold, being themselves, and thinking outside the box! The Gay Fan Club offers over 20 designs of the top drag fans, or drag queen fans in the U.S. From our Gurl Fan, Yas Queen Fan, to our newer designs like the Shade Fan, we have you covered for your next drag brunch!.

Join the movement with our best Drag Fans and stay cool this summer!


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