What Are The Best Drag Fans For Brunch In 2023?

Do you just love a drag brunch? So do we! Bottomless mimosas, drag queens turning it to a Whitney number before 11am, sassy drag fans, and great company. Don't be caught off guard this weekend without your handy dandy Gay drag fan!

Before we get into what drag fans are the best in 2023? Let's get into the best drag brunch spots in our humble opinion: If you are looking for a drag bar in Miami, head over to Palace for the best show. In Houston? Look at ReBar for a great drag show. In West Hollywood? Check out Hamburger Mary's. Looking for a great  Palm Springs drag brunch? Chill Bar can't be beat on Sundays.

Over the last 10 years or so the brunch and drag scenes have seen immense change and have become staples in any gayborhood across the world. Who doesn't love a drag queen death dropping over your pancakes?! Not only have these two arenas symbiotically evolved together, it's almost like drag shows were meant for brunch. It's the collision of two unexpecting worlds that creates the one of a kind unique experience perfectly suited for a fruity morning beverage and cackling with your friends. But they aren't all fun and games... a gay drag brunch is our Olympics in all senses and must be taken very seriously; we have to be on our A-game and prepared for whatever the Reba impersonator throws our way. And, a drag fan from The Gay Fan Club is the only thing you need to show up and show out!

Obviously your hair will be locked in place with your Aquanet, you'll be wearing your new crop-top, and in one way or another signaling to others that your fun and flirty. Now that you're primed for the marathon ahead, we always encourage intentionally bringing your gay drag fan to serve as a natural conversation starter! A gay drag fan has many purposes. It's accepted as our golf clap, you can use it traditionally to stay cool, you can use it as a political statement, or you can even use it as an ice breaker with that guy you've been wanting to talk to! A gay drag brunch is your moment to show everyone who you are and with our large fan collection we have something for everyone!

With over 70 gay fan styles, you can take your look from day to night with endless combinations to choose from! A gay fan can do so much for you, let The Gay Fan Club keep you cool even through the notorious the gay brunch. Choose from some of our most popular styles below and use code DRAGBRUNCH for 15% off for the whole month of September!



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