The Top 3 Rainbow Hand Fans for Pride 2024

With the 2024 Pride season starting June 1st, millions of Americans will be attending Pride Festivals across the US and abroad. Many top cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston, celebrate Pride in June when the weather is hot. So how do you stay cool and celebrate Pride?  If you guessed: using a rainbow Pride hand fan  then you are correct! 

What is a Pride hand fan? 
A Pride hand fan is a bamboo hand fan, usually with rainbow colors printed on nylon that can be used to fan yourself.  Pride hand fans, when snapped open and shut, make a loud clacking noise and are great for getting attention.  At The Gay Fan Club, we offer over 25 unique rainbow hand fan designs including traditional rainbow fans, bisexual pride hand fans, lesbian Pride hand fans, and of course, Transgender Pride hand fans

What are the top 3 rainbow fans and Pride hand fans in 2024?

While this was a very difficult decision, we have made our official choice based on the top sales of our Pride 2024 fans and narrowed the top fans for Pride down to just three  Our first pick: Pride Rainbow Fan, features a uv-reactive rainbow design with a disco ball vibe and the word Pride etched across the right side.  It’s the perfect hand fan to really showcase your Pride this summer.  As for our second choice, the Love Is Love Fan which features an inclusive rainbow design is great for showcasing your Pride all summer,  Finally, rounding out the top 3 is our Over The Rainbow Fan - a best-seller from 2022 that still remains as our number one Pride rainbow fan that we have ever sold on our website  Check out our top 3 choices below  

1. Pride Rainbow Fan UV 

Pride Rainbow Fan - UV-Reactive Pride Hand Fan - The Gay Fan Club


2. Love Is Love Fan 

Love Is Love Rainbow Fan - Pride Hand Fan - The Gay Fan Club

3. Over The Rainbow Fan - White Bamboo Handle

Find Your Pride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Discover the full rainbow Pride hand fan collection at The Gay Fan Club Pride Hand Fan Shop and Save 20% instantly when you purchase any three designs! 

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