Learn How Custom Wedding Fans Can Make Your Big Day Even More Special!

Is your big day upon us? Have you finally met someone that can tolerate you? Here at The Gay Fan Club, we love creating one-of-a-kind custom wedding hand fans that can enhance our customers' extraordinary occasions. Hell, we even love making custom hand fans for ordinary occasions! The process is simple, we do everything for you!

Nothing says loving freely like a gay wedding. And nothing says fancy like an order of custom LBGT wedding fans for you and your guests to remember the day by! It's the perfect souvenir AND will keep everyone fresh and happy!

We know how many moving pieces will be going into your big wedding day, so please let us take the reins on this project to free your hands for other things. 😉 We are more than willing take a full design proposal but can also do the design work for you to match theme. Made to withstand a nuclear bomb, your custom wedding fans will stand the test of time and give your loved ones a beautiful way to commemorate the day for years to come.

One of our core values at The Gay Fan Club is to always be unapologetically yourself in arms for equality. And some of our Fans might be too young to remember the days... but gay marriage has only been legal in the United States for 11 years and what a journey it's been! Make yourself heard, dare to stand out, and wave your gayness high in the air to let everyone know we are here to stay!

Okay, so now you are interested!  To get your custom order of LGBT wedding fans started, send us over your wedding invitation or colors and we can get a mockup done for you. The sky is the limit with The Gay Fan Club, let us think outside your box!

Having kept many a wedding cool in our day, take a look below at some of our wedding designs and click here to start the process!

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