How To Clack A Gay Fan - Ask The Professionals!

Are you new to the Gay Fan clacking scene or just looking to refine your skills? Then keep reading!

The Gay Fan clacking technique has ben passed down by generations, and now we are passing it to you! Regardless if you prefer a single well-timed clack for melodramatic emphasis, or you're more of a consecutive clacks kinda gal while grooving on the dance floor, proper technique is of the utmost importance to guarantee maximum grip, safety, payoff, and effect. Just remember to C.L.A.C.K.

CLUTCH FAN NEAR BASE. Never overlook your basics; technique is a ground up endeavor. To have a strong and confident clack you need to make sure you have the proper grip on the correct part of the Gay Fan. Correct hand placement for clacking is the same as when you're fanning yourself, so test fanning yourself and then close the fan without changing your hand position- the hilt of your fan should be resting in the palm of your hand. Now for your proper grip you want to rely on your index/thumb for holding the fan itself on the front rib, your middle through pinky fingers will hold onto the other ribs loosely serving as as a release mechanism.

LOOK AROUND. Please never forget this step, safety is key for Gay Fan clacking lol! Like our mamas once said "It's all fun and games until someone gets it in the eye." Always be cognizant of other people around you. While you rehearse your clacks, also practice awareness and respect of others while handling your piece.

ASSUME THE POSITION. We are no stranger. By now you should have established and corrected your grip, thumb/index do most of the gripping while your remaining fingers are just holding back the other ribs. Now, the Cocking mechanism may already be natural to you if you're familiar with bull whips, gone to one of those axe throwing places, or fish! To wind up our potential energy for the release-and-clack (while respecting joint ergonomics for repetitive motions like this) we want to draw our fan up and back allowing for unrestricted ranges of motion to set for a clack that happens at or above eye level. Parallel with your sight for safety. 

CAST. Ok, it's the moment we've been preparing for.. and it's all in the wrist, baby (wink)! It's a complex movement stemming from the shoulder and elbow and is goal here is a nice crisp clack while never losing your prop. Clacking a Gay Fan is just a game of timing at this point. You want your wrist to do most of the work, so cast your fan with a forwards motion while holding the first rib with your index/thumb and releasing 12/13 ribs to fall downwards with a gravity assist- and don't hesitate! The only remaining aspect is learning the right amount of gay-power to give your Gay Fan. Too little and nothing happens, too much and you'll break it! Work to find it's G-spot for the right amount of power for any situation! And repeat!

KNOW YOU'RE A BADASS. K is always optional, but recommended. The most iconic Gay Fan clacks will punctuate the event by looking far into the distance and sighing out a breath while gently fanning yourself. You know you grabbed everyone's attention but have to act like you don't care and you're just that cool. Try it out and then holster your dog!

We can't wait to see how everyone's clacks ring though our culture, keep practicing, always remember to C.L.A.C.K., and get your party on by choosing from many of our favorite styles below!

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