How Do You Clack A Fan? The Gay Fan Club Answers Your Questions

At The Gay Fan Club, we get a lot of questions and we are finally getting a chance to answer some of them! The biggest question of them all is "how do you clack a fan?" Below, we will provide you with step by step instructions on how to get your gay fan to clack:

Three Simple Steps to Clacking A Fan from The Gay Fan Club

1. Unfold the fan and find the right edge of the fan. This will be the last bamboo "rib" on the right side of the fan with the design facing the floor. 

2. Grip the last bamboo rib (the fan edge) with your thumb and your index finger of your right hand and gently pull your arm up and to the right as it you were going to throw a baseball. 

3. Starting slowly, move your right hand which has the thumb and index finger holding the fan rib, down in front of you in an arching motion. Go slowly, and at the half way point, the fan will fall open. Once you have the hang of this motion, you can repeat the same process but go faster.

The faster you move the fan down and back up towards the resting position, the louder your gay fan will clack! 

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