Wondering How To Level Up Your Nightlife Experience? We've Got Your Back!

Let's face it... nightlife is a scene where you're encouraged to show up, show out, and innovate. To help you out on your mission, The Gay Fan Club is staying ahead of the curve to keep all eyes on our Fans!

Ever since the early 1800s gay club life has been all the rage! From Stonewall to the Backstreets of Atlanta, our gay ancestors have been paving the way for our free expression for millennia. Over the years we've seen interests peak in many different areas from Vogue, to Gay Fans, to Britney, to Circuit Parties, to Cher, to Circuit Parties, to Whitney, then back to Gay Fans again! Each step of the way our different generations have made waves featuring their own unique types of expression as a way to authentically be themselves which set new trends in the scene. Join this wave of expression with us with our new Next Level Nights collection and be sure to illuminate the dance floor like never before!

The Gay Fan is a symbol for free expression and unity in the gay scene, and the holographic fans in this collection have been flying like hot cakes! We are so excited to extend the collection to include these LED fans and we KNOW you will love them.

Shop The Full Next Level Nights Collection Below:


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