What is a Gay Circuit Party and Do I Need A Circuit Party Fan?

Attending a Gay Circuit Party For The First Time or wondering what a Circuit Party Fan Is? The Gay Fan Club answers your top circuit party fan questions. 

Are you planning on attending a gay circuit party in the near future or are you wondering just what exactly a circuit party fan is? Well, you are in luck! Since 2019, The Gay Fan Club has been one of the leading brands for circuit party hand fans and more recently apparel, and so we know a thing or two about circuit parties. 

The Gay Circuit Party movement is literally just that: movement. Essentially gay men and women, as well as LGBTQIA allies, who enjoy going to incredible parties in different cities around the United States and beyond. Circuit parties are known for great electronic dance music, fantastic light shows, and a whole lot of sweaty shirtless men dancing the night away. Circuit Parties, such as One Magical Weekend, occur over a long weekend, and other Circuit Parties, like gay operated Atlantis Cruises such as Odyssey, may occur over a week or longer. 

So, why would you need a Circuit Party Fan at a Circuit Party? If you recall, we mentioned that these dance floors are incredibly hot places with 100s or 1,000s of men and women dancing all night long.  Circuit Party Fans, such as the ones found on The Gay Fan Club  feature eye catching designs and patterns that can be matched with the attendees outfit, and serve as a cooling device for the user and intended recipients. 

Currently, we are obsessed with the Rush inspired Poppers Fan from The Gay Fan Club.  This bamboo hand fan has a bright yellow background with a red lightning bolt down the center. Take a look at it below!




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