Does Size Matter? Understanding the different sizes and materials of Hand Fans

Have you ever wondered if the size of your hand fan matters? 

If you have been to a Pride Festival, a music concert, or even a sports game in the last five years, you have undoubtedly been handed a cheap promotional hand fan. Well, here at The Gay Fan Club, we are answering your burning questions on the size and material of hand fans. 

First, let's start with the obvious: 


What size fan is right for you? 

The average paper fan with a popsicle stick is about 8" x 8." Quite frankly, you can make yourself hotter trying to cool off using one of these silly little fans. 

On certain craft shops and on sites like Amazon, you can find those little Japanese purse fans that are make with a plastic webbing typically, and actual silk or fabric. While these are a step up from the paper fan that no one wants, these fans fully extended are only around 8.25" wide by 5" long. Convenient but not cooling. 


Now, what about our fans you ask? The Gay Fan Club like you, likes them large, but also likes them to fit in your pocket. When closed, a hand fan from The Gay Fan Club measures only 2" x 12". However, when our hand fan is fully extended, this bamboo and silk screen hand fan measures an impressive 12" x 26."  



So what should you look for in your next music festival fan, pride fan, or normal hand fan to stay cool? Here are our three recommendations on what to look for:

1. The handle of the fan should be eco-friendly and renewable bamboo. Bamboo fans are considerably sturdier than their plastic counterparts and are also more comfortable in the hand.

2. The material should be a high quality fabric such as silk, that is attached with glue to ensure maximum cooling and clacking. Don't even bother with that paper business.

3. Look for a rivet that holds the bamboo ribs together. There are cheap knock off hand fans of The Gay Fan Club that use a screw to hold them together. Just say no.


Are you ready to upgrade to a real gay fan from The Gay Fan Club? Click the link below and start shopping.

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