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Do you like circuits and parties? Then Circuit Parties are for you! If you've not heard of them, The Gay Fan Club has your back! They are all the rage and have been setting the scene across the country for some time now! 

Imagine wall to wall soup of shirtless gays- the collective noun for this many gays in one area is a Cream. It is a great way to socialize, blow off steam, blow off strangers, or even dance! A staple of the Gay Circuit is great music and energy through the roof... you definitely have to come prepared and ready for anything. Although The Gay Fan Club can't help you with everything, we can help you with your gay fan which is ESSENTIAL. 

If you're recently out of the closet and looking to get your engine reved at the circuit, you probably have one in a city near you! From White Party Palm Springs to XLSIOR Mykonos, it's about the same and your fanny pack only needs 5 things.

First, you need your gay fan from The Gay Fan Club. This serves multiple purposes- it can be your weapon to keep the fiends at bay, it could be your temperature regular, it can be your g-string, your peacock feathers, or even your dinosaur head fans like the spitting one in Jurassic Park! The Circuit is your Oyster! And oyster is a euphemism which we will reference shortly.

Second, you have to make sure to bring your "coin purse" and anything small and "spatula-like."

Third, sunglasses. See item 2.

Fourth, you need a second gay fan as your backup incase you lose the first. Can never be too safe, and like my mom always said "It's all fun and games until you lose your first Gay Fan at the circuit party."

And Fifth but not least, you need a reserve gay fan as your backup to your backup gay fan. The best way to make friends is with souvenirs that don't squirt out later. "Oysters." You can never have too many gay fans!

Let the Gay Fan Club be your way into favor at the circuit and believe us when we tell you, you need Gay Fans! And in addition to that, let us help you out with any one of our many sales!

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  • Munir Ahmad

    I’m interested, money isn’t an issue

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